Meet the Staff

Meet Our Chairman:

Sir Knight Bill “Billy” Eltzroth.
SK Billy is a Past Grand Commander of Massachusetts, Past Commander of Milford
Commandery #11, Past Master of Montgomery Lodge and the head of
many other Masonic orders in Massachusetts.    He received the KCT award from
the Grand Encampment of Knights Templar and is a KYCH member in
the York Rite.  If you attended any Masonic events in or around the State of
Massachusetts, you probably already know Billy.

Meet Our Store Manager:

Sir Knight Jon “Ed” Hollister.
SK Ed is a Grand Commandery Officer of Massachusetts, Past Commander of Milford
Commandery #11 and a Past Master of Montgomery Lodge.   Ed is dedicated and
hard working  in everything he does. He is currently serving as the Deputy Grand Warder
in the Grand Commandery of Mass & RI.  If you have done business with our store by
phone or email in the past, it was probably Ed you were encountering.  Ed is undoubtedly
our hardest working member.  If you need to know something about our products, talk to Ed.

Meet a Committee member:

Pic of me as commander 2014  Sir Knight Victor D. Vaitkunas.
SK Victor has been working in the store going on 7 years now.  He is a
Past Commander of Milford Commandery #11, The Excellent High Priest
of Mt Lebanon Chapter and a 32 degree Scottish Rite Mason of
Boston, and a member of Montgomery Lodge.  Victor is another one
of our most active committee members who gives of his time most
generously and loves what our store does for the Knight Templar Eye

Meet a Committee member:

Sir Knight Mike Hampton.
SK Mike is our newest store committee member and comes to us from
far away Oklahoma where he received all of his Masonic experience and
awards.  SK Mike is a Past Grand Commander of Oklahoma, Past Master
of his Lodge, KCCH in Scottish Rite and a KYCH in the York Rite.  He
received the KCT from the Grand Encampment of  Knights Templar and
the OPC from the York Rite Sovereign College of North America.