24K Gold Plated Name Plates & Title Bars (3" x 3/4")

Please read:

All Name Plates are specially ordered. They have to be engraved, 24K gold plated, painted, studs and clutched put on, polished and emblems attached. This process takes four weeks and sometimes longer, based on how busy the manufacturer is at the time the order is placed. If you ordered other items along with a name plate, those items will be shipped immediately and the nameplate will follow later. Also, If we are out of certain brass items such as collar pins, Title bars, tie clasps etc. those items will also have to be ordered and will be drop shipped along with your name plate. Please just email us if you have any questions or concerns about your order.

Also, please pay attention to your shipping options at checkout, such as First Class or Priority mail service. First Class will be the least expensive with Priority mail service the next. Don't be fooled into thinking Priority is faster than First Class. The difference is only about the weight not the speed. Both arrive at the same time.

Any items that weigh over 13 oz have to be shipped Priority mail.